Wind Solar Energy - Old Windmill


For many years in Majorca they have used wind energy. As sample of it, you still can see a lot of old mills all over Mallorca. This indicates that we can also use this source of natural and free energy.


We can obtain electricity transforming the power of the wind into energy for our consumption thanks to the wind turbines.

Wind Solar Energy - Wind Park
At present, the wind power is used principally to produce electricity with the help of mills.

The wind parks are an energy source every time cheaper and more competitive, using big turbines that can produce Megawatts.

Small Wind Turbine Systems



Small wind systems can, for example, provide energy in remote areas from an electrical connection. In case of photovoltaic installation they are usually used as a support to the system at moments that there is no sun:


during the night or when the weather is bad.


Wind Energy - New Wind Turbine


At present exist several different types of wind turbines adapted for different intensities (depending on the power needed) from the small blade mills (simple rotor) up to newer designs with double rotor that are more efficient and safer.


Also they do not need so many heights and are not affected so much with wind direction changes.