There are two types of systems, first of all the thermo syphon for small installations with small demand (they have a integrated storage tank) and the systems of forced circulation (circulation pump), for bigger installations, with major demand (tank and control system isolated from panels).


Its main applications are:

Detail Thermal Solar System

Hot water production: for domestic or industrial use. The installation of this system means to enjoy hot water during almost the whole year for free.

Detail Solar Heating - Thermal Energy

Heating: To support the heating system with thermal solar energy means a big saving for you and being respectful with the environment.

Detail Solar Poolpump - Thermal Energy

Swimming pool heating: an option for those who wants to enjoy the swimming pool during a longer period in the year.

Detail Solar Heating Dehumidify

Dehumidify: one of the new technologies are panels that warm up and at the same time dehumidifies the air, without you been at home and without any electrical costs for you, because they have incorporated a small photovoltaic panel that produces the electricity necessary for its functioning. You can save approximately 20 % – 30 % in energy consumption of your normal heating costs.

First of all you will have hot water, later you can support your heating system and when the heating is not needed, you use the hot water for heating the swimming pool.

Components – Solar thermal energy:

Thermal Solar Panels - TotSol Mallorca

Solar-thermal panels:

The thermal solar panels collect the heat from the sun. The 2 most common types are evacuated tube collector and the flat plate collector. They work due to the greenhouse effect, the solar radiation is sent to a hydraulic circuit that is filled up with a liquid (frost resistant). This liquid circulates inside the panel, warms up the water and goes to the boiler or exchanger.

Storage Tank - Thermal System - TotSol Mallorca

Storage tank:

The storage tank is a deposit where the hot water is stored for the consumption. The cold water enters near the heat exchanger (if exist), as the water warms up it moves up to the exit. This deposit has an insulating layer to avoid heat losses and is covered by a material that protects the insulation of possible humidity’s and bangs.

Solar Controller - Control System - TotSol Mallorca


The control system manages the pumps of every circuit thanks to regulators, temperature sensors and electrical valves, in order to transmit the heat where it is needed, in addition to being able to put on or off the auxiliary system (gas, diesel or biomass boilers), also it will show us the information on a display.

According to the type of configuration and installation.

Heat Pool Exchanger - TotSol Mallorca

Heat exchanger:

We need this device to change the heat between the hydraulic circuits that comes from the panels, the heating circuit and the water circuit for our use, they can be incorporated inside storage tank formed like a snake (water for washing, cooking, heating) or be in the outside (air conditioning of swimming pools), like this pool on the photo.