Wellcome to TOTSOL! “Richest is who less needs”solar energy in mallorca

Solar Energy Mallorca – we offer a complete service, from the advice phase, planning, installation and maintenance. We also do modifications of existing solar energy systems, enlargement of power and repairs.

We are professionals specialised in the installation and maintenance of solar energy systems like:


We invite you to join us on a trip to a sustainable future making use of the renewable, ecological and green energies that we have in our hand and that are free.

For our clients we are 24 h a day 365 days of the year available. We work in the whole island of Majorca.

Técnical Bartolomé Marqués Planas Tel. (0034) 687 89 42 69


What is solar energy?

The solar energy is obtained from the electromagnetic radiation of the sunrays. The solar radiation has been used since the antiquity, with different technologies that have developed with the time. Nowadays the warmth and the light of the sun can be used by the solar or thermal panels which can convert the radiation into electric or thermal energy.

  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy

    Photovoltaic Solar Energy

    The photovoltaic solar energy is a renewable energy that you obtain electricity from the through the sunrays. They are captured by metallic plates named photovoltaic cells. These cells are covered with a special material that produces a photoelectric effect, that […]
  • Solar Thermal Energy

    Solar Thermal Energy

    There are two types of systems, first of all the thermo syphon for small installations with small demand (they have a integrated storage tank) and the systems of forced circulation (circulation pump), for bigger installations, with major demand (tank and […]
  • Wind Solar Energy

    Wind Solar Energy

    Wind Energy – for many years in Majorca they have used wind energy. As sample of it, you still can see a lot of old mills all over Mallorca. This indicates that we can also use this source of natural […]


  • Savings! The biggest advantage is that, from the moment from which the solar system is installed, you will pay less on your electricity bills or you will be even completely independent from the Electrical Company (depending on the installation).
  • The solar energy is clean, ecological, and sustainable it does not contaminate the environment and generates no greenhouse gases. It helps to preserve the energy resources for the future generations.
  • The Sun energy is inexhaustible, and thanks to the privileged geographical position of Majorca, it would not be rational not to try to benefit from it, with all the possibilities on our hands, as this source of renewable energy is clean and free.
  • Self-dependent of the Electrical Companies, Oil and others unsafe alternatives which contaminate the environment or simply exhaustible.
  • The installation of a solar energy system normally is quick and can be completed without big building work. It allows some areas of Majorca where there is no possibility to be connected to the local Electrical Company, to have their one electric supply.
  • A solar installation is stable in the price. Once installed you will be protected against the inflation or political surprises which can come with other exhaustible energy sources. The costs of the conventional energy will go up and up, and the investment on your solar system also will.
  • It is a great investment. The profit is comparable with a good share on the Stock-Market. But the best is that you do not have to pay taxes on the profits of your solar installation.
  • The Sun Energy makes your home something special because people who use this energy, in general are more responsible to the environment and resources.