References and finished projects – TOTSOL Mallorca

Here you can see some of our works done, like a new installations, power enlargements, repairs and maintenance work.

PORRERAS, New Photovoltaic Installation of 6 KWp in panels, 3 regulators each of 80A, 3 inverter of 3.000W – 24V in parallel (potency 9 KW/h), Batteries of 3.000 Ah -24V and a diesel generator (1.500 r.p.m.) 20 KVAS. This is a completely automatic system: it manages the load and the discharge of the batteries and turn on the generator automatically for high consumption or low load of the batteries.


MOSCARI, New Photovoltaic Installation of 0,7 KWp in panels, 1 regulator of 60A, 1 inverter of 2.600W – 12V, Batteries of 985 Ah – 12V in parallel (1.970 Ah) and a diesel generator (1.500 r.p.m.) 9 KVAS (automatic system) + installation thermical solar system for hot water (boiler of 300 l).


COSTIX, New Photovoltaic Installación of 1,92 KWp in panels, 1 regulador de 80A, 1 inversor de 3.000W- 24V, bancada de baterias de 1.200 Ah a 24 V, un generador gasolina 6 KVAS. This is a completely automatic system.


SA CALOBRA enlargement of installation from 600W – 24V to 3000W – 24V, from 80Wp to 750Wp in panels, batteries from 160Ah to 526Ah-24V and new generator of 8KVAS. This new solar system works completely automatically and has a small wind mill of about 400 W – 24 V to support the system.


SELVA enlargement of installation from 2400W 12V to 4000W 24V, from 120Wp to 480Wp in panels and batteries from 180Ah 12V to 515Ah 24V.


BUGER enlargement of installation from 1600W 12V to 3000W 12V and installation of a wind mill of 1,5KW – 220V.