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We are Tolo and Karen a small company, like our name says, we almost do “everything alone”.

“TOT SOL” is “Mallorquin” (language Spoken in Mallorca) it has two meanings “everything alone” and “all sun”!

Technical in installation and maintenance of Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Several years ago we moved to a country house where the electrical connection would have been very expensive, we where surprised of the costs only for to be connected… and later paying bills for electricity every month and the constant increase on electricity rates!!


We do care about the environment so for us it seemed to be perfect alternative. In addition to protect the environment, having a solar energy installation it means to be autonomous and not to depend on anybody. In Majorca we have plenty of sun, so let’s take advantage on it!


more advantage of solar enery


We decide then to put a solar energy system for electricity and hot water. At this time, the solar energy only was a hobby for Tolo. He had a good job in the Building industry but in his free time he dedicated to the solar energy.


Seeing in this hobby a future according to our life philosophy, Tolo decided to study and deepen more in his knowledge, to obtain the title of “Technical of Installation and Maintenance of solar energy Systems” and began his own Business Company.


Being a perfectionist he is always very tidy in his work and looking for the best solution for the client, he keeps up on the newest technologies and inventions that exist on the market, in addition to being responsible and punctual.


With our knowledge in German and English we can attend an international public, being his wife Karen a big help to be in contact with the clients and in the office.

“Richest is who less needs”

Kind and sunny regards

Tolo & Karen